[UPDATED 4/08/2021: Due to record high number of orders and kit holds along with shortages in materials, no new holds are currently available for Overstock kits. Standard kits are still available for order. Rest assured, any holds which have been placed in the prior 6 months will be honored. If you have questions about the pricing or status of a current order, please contact your project coordinator.]

Original Post from 12/27/2020:

As many industries have been severely hobbled by the effects of COVID-19 and subsequent economic shutdowns, we have continued to produce quality steel kits at the pace steel supply will allow. Demand for steel kit designs and components are at the highest we’ve ever seen them, and current conditions in raw steel supply are limiting the amount of product we can manufacture. Even for Overstock kits which have some of the structural frame prefabricated, our kits still require custom fabrication for many of the other parts of every kit order.

Our usual time frame of 30 days from order to delivery has become difficult to maintain, and orders are currently estimated at least 16–to–20 weeks from kit order to ship date. While we are not thrilled about the nature of these delays, we are thankful that it isn’t longer, as we have heard of delays of much more in other areas of the economy.

Budget Home Kits is not alone in this, as nearly all companies in the construction industry are seeing rising material costs and supply delays in conjunction with surges in demand, further exacerbating project congestion.

For a little more detail, the primary cause of our delays, in particular, is recent shortages in steel material for creating our kit components. In addition, with the price of raw lumber and steel materials quickly rising, we’ve also seen a great surge in contacts and demand from folks looking to use our kit as an affordable alternative to conventional home construction.

Because of constant and unprecedented price increases in raw steel, we are monitoring our costs and adjusting our prices to be as fair as we can while making sure we can continue to operate. All kit holds will guarantee kit price for 30 days from the kit hold date, and it’s possible to extend that held price up to 6 months further, at Budget Home Kits discretion. We are encouraging customers to place holds only when they are within closing distance of finalizing their purchase, and at that point, to move quickly in buying your home so as to get on the schedule as early as possible.

We are thankful to all of our customers, and we ensure you that we are working feverishly to fulfill all orders as quickly as we can. The savings that can be achieved by using our do-it-yourself kit method remain, even factoring in the time delays caused by current industry conditions. Your patience and understanding as we continue to develop strategies to maximize efficiency are greatly appreciated.

Please check back often as we will update this page as necessary.

Your Budget Home Kits Team