— Do I have to build my home kit on a concrete slab set to grade?

No, you have other options. Our unique steel home framing is designed to be built on a concrete foundation poured to grade. Our 10-phase Assembly Guide illustrates installation of columns and attachment of our steel forming system to accomodate a 4-inch concrete slab.

Having said that, we recognize that some customers are interested in building over a basement, on a considerable slope, or elevated enough for a crawl space beneath. Some of these changes can require specialized kinds of concrete pours or modified framing to allow for a wooden flooring system. To make these design modifications, our building process drawings will need to be taken to an engineer and someone with knowledge of your site’s soil composition.

If you are very interested in building one of our steel kits in this way, we recommend ordering our Expanded Planning Package. For $749, you will receive, among other resources, an advanced copy of the Assembly Guide and component technical data which can be taken to a designer in your area. Modifications can then be made based on your site’s building conditions and your municipality’s codes and regulations. Note that any design changes requiring additional steel components will add to the cost of the kit.

Purchasing the Expanded Planning Package will also allow you to place a 30-day hold on the kit you want, ensuring its availability and reserving the price.