— Do you offer any upgrades to your home kits?

Yes. Along with the full-length 6 ft front porch already included with each home, you can add a full-length 6 ft rear porch, and upgrade one or both to a 9 ft porch.

Galvanized pre-punched steel studs for interior wall framing are also an option, as long as supplies allow.

If you’d like to have a slightly steeper roof than our standard 4:12, we offer a 6:12 and a 8:12 roof pitch increase.

Want to add a garage to the length of the home? We can do that.

You can also have one of our designers modify the floor plan you like or even help you design a plan from scratch. At very competitive rates, our guys can help you lay out your interior walls, plumbing, and openings with multiple revisions offered.

We periodically run specials where options are included at no extra cost or discounted. For current pricing on options and upgrades, check out our What’s Included & Options page.