— How can a Budget Home Kit save me money in the short-term and long-term?

Our system of home construction is less expensive than the traditional home construction process due to several big reasons. For instance, our slab foundation system (or EZ-Form™ system) creates a much easier and inexpensive method of slab pouring. You can easily save thousands during just this early step of construction. Concerning long-term benefits, due to the high reflectivity of our roofing and siding, the energy savings you will gain during the decades to come will be a source of comfort. As a bonus, it is common for our customers to save 20%-40% on their insurance premiums after building a Budget steel kit thanks to the advantages steel give you over fire, termites, storms, and other factors.

In addition to these advantages, there is also the long-term advantage of not needing to apply for a 30 year mortgage to start this process. As you know, the interest payments alone can be astronomical. Instead, consider getting one of our kits without a loan, assemble it yourself, and pay for the interior finishes as you go. This type of process can take a little more time, but your home will be completely yours in the end. You will have a great amount of equity as well as a great amount of satisfaction.