— What is the construction process of putting the kit together?

Here’s a rundown of the ten phases in our Assembly Guide:

» PHASE 1: Site Preparation
» PHASE 2: Setting Column Anchors
» PHASE 3: Preparing for Foundation
» PHASE 4: Installing Wall Columns
» PHASE 5: Framing Your Roof
» PHASE 6: Framing Your Walls
» PHASE 7: Attaching Wall Metal
» PHASE 8: Porch Roof Assembly
» PHASE 9: Primary Roof Assembly
» PHASE 10: Installing Your Trim Package

Each phase has its own collection of illustrated drawings, with each illustration accurately labeled and displaying only the pertinent information needed for the task at hand. These renderings show multiple perspectives when needed and even show you placements of individual screws. Virtually all drawings are to scale, and notes throughout the guide give helpful building tips and strategies to consider for your home’s completion. Even the placement of individual screws is clearly displayed when components are to be attached.

The concrete foundation pour usually takes place between Phases 3 and 4. Though we do not give specific instructions on how to pour your foundation, we do give many pointers about successful tactics leading up to that stage, and our EZ-Form™ Foundation System simplifies the foundation forming process so much so that it is common for folks to cut their foundation installation cost in half (or more)!

Simple tools such as a handheld drill, leveling tool, and metal cutting shears are all that’s needed for a large part of the exterior assembly, and just two or three adults can erect the entire kit. After fabrication, we prep much of the steel before shipping, meaning that there is no field welding and little-to-no heavy cutting needed on-site.

Over and over again, our kits are successfully assembled by customers, regardless of their construction backgrounds, by following the 10-step Assembly Guide.