— Is there a difference between Standard and Ovestock homes?

The main difference is AVAILABILITY.

“Overstock” is an umbrella term we use for discounted kits in stock. Some structural components for the kit have already been fabricated and packaged prior to order. Regardless of the situation (overstocked, manufacturer imposed discount, etc.), “overstocks” are deeply discounted. Because of the great savings, these kits often sell quickly and are only available “first come, first serve.” Features and advantages of overstock kits also include:

• Pre-fabricated superstructure framing components to assure fluidity in availability and in our delivery process
• Overstocks, without project-specific engineering, can be built as-is in most of the rural U.S.
• Overstocks still offer approximately 40-50% flexibility in floor plan changes and exterior opening locations

Standard kits are made-to-order, fabricated and packaged after each order is placed. All of the options available to customers, including major modifications, can be considered when placing a Standard kit order, and your Standard kit can be ordered any time at your convenience. Features and advantages of standard kits include:

• Standard kits offer 100% flexibility in floor plan changes, including exterior window and door placement
• Some special engineering offered to allow for permitting in areas of county with such requirements
• Structural modifications available for unique features and permitting

Options such as panel and trim color, porch upgrades, garages, and roof pitch upgrades can still be added to Overstock kits. Major structural design modifications may be limited.