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  • Expanded - Overstock Kit Hold
  • $749


What’s a Pre-Order Planning Package?

A free information bundle received once you place a home kit deposit that helps you easily and efficiently plan the build your new steel home. Note that your home kit deposit will be credited toward your final kit invoice. Choose one of the following packages: 1) A Basic hold entitles you to our fully illustrated, easy to follow 10-Phase Home Kit Assembly Guide in advance of placing your final kit order; or 2) an Expanded hold gets you our assembly guide, color charts, suggested interior layout drawings, pre-engineered component data, radiant barrier voucher, planning resources and more.


Who’s it for?

Any individual or family looking for an easy, affordable way to get started on the planning process of buying a new Budget steel home kit. Our job is to deliver exceptional value during the pre-order, order, plan and build phases. Our premium content helps you cut costs and save money every single step along the way while never sacrificing quality. Our planning packages are perfect for both inexperienced or savvy DIY builders alike. We offer a simple, straightforward, inexpensive way to properly plan & save on ALL phases of building and finishing out your new steel home. Ready to get started?


How much does it cost?

Our planning packages are free but can only be received after placing a kit deposit, ranging from $499 – $749. With our assembly guide, you’ll reap the benefits of over 30 years of real business experience in building and finishing out homes— a huge reward for such a nominal investment.


So how do I get started?

It’s simple. Once you’ve considered which type kit you’d like to hold and which planning package best suits your needs, click the “Order Now” button for the corresponding kit deposit and complete checkout online. If you need help ordering, call 1.855.552.8343 Mon – Fri, 9 am – 5 pm Central.