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Because we offer a simple, easy-to-follow system for building our superior steel frame homes, we wanted that simplicity to carry over to our ordering process as well. Below, we’ve traced the necessary steps you should take in order to find the Budget Home Kit you desire, reserve it for yourself, finalize your order, and have it delivered to you. If you are ready to lock in the low price for your kit and start receiving valuable resources that will grease the rails of your home purchasing process, then you are in the right place!


Once you’ve chosen the kit plan you prefer, the first step is to place a hold on that kit and receive your Expanded Planning Package. Get tangible resources in hand to help you choose colors, plan room layouts, and consider kit options and add-ons. Placing this deposit locks in the price of the kit you want and guarantees that no one else buys it while you are making your decisions. When you finalize your kit order, the cost of the hold is credited back to you, so there’s no added cost for receiving the planning materials early.


Having chosen your kit and option upgrades, we can detail your selections in a hyper-itemized electronic invoice and send it right to your email. It’s fast, secure, and ready for you to review— either request changes if needed or simply click the “Accept” button on the invoice to initiate the purchasing phase. With our online system, you can securely login and keep track of any changes made and when payment is processed, from “draft” until “paid” with a tidy invoice history.


From order finalization to kit arrival, this process usually takes about 30 days. Our policy here is that surprises are best left for birthday parties, so we will make sure that we coordinate with your schedule, allowing for you to be available for your kit delivery as well as your complete on-site orientation. While your kit is in transit, your project coordinator will be in frequent contact to help with logistics. Upon arrival, our friendly and professional crew will assist you with genuine southern congeniality.

Get Started by Ordering Your Planning Package Now

Our Expanded Planning Package:

Providing exactly what you’ll need to learn how our kits are assembled— color combinations, additional options to customize, and guides to plan your build:

Full-Color Planning & Ordering Guide with How-To Sample Instructions & Assembly Photos
Color Charts / Samples to Choose Colors for our EnergyStar® Approved Walls, Roof, Trim
Use Our Interior Wall Layout Drawings As-Is, Modify, or Create a Totally New Layout
Interior Finish-Out Cost Estimator
Kit Customization Planner
For-Review Prints for Suggested Drain Plumbing and Electrical Outlet/Switch Layouts
Optional Design Consult with a Kit Specialist
Personalized Support directly from Certified Budget Home Kits Staff
$749 Deposit Comes Off of the Final Price of your Home Kit Purchase
PLUS You’ll Secure Lowest Pricing with our Lock-In Kit Price Guarantee!
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