About BudgetHomeKits.com™

Our Design — Do-It-Yourself

• Our goal has always been to design a home that is structurally superior to wood frame homes while, at the same time, making it easy to assemble.
• BudgetHomeKits.com™ was founded by 30-year veterans of the steel construction industry.
• We’ve spent 15 years successfully field testing our innovative steel home design.

Our Model — Streamlined Online

• We’ve adopted the online model of successful companies, such as Amazon.com and eBay in order to keep our prices as low as possible.
• Factoring out the maintenance, tax, and insurance costs alone of brick and mortar locations, we are able to save our customers multiple thousands of dollars on each home kit.
• 10 years ago, we predicted success in online implementation over the decade to come, and we have been the leading edge of market growth.

Our Service — BBB Accredited

• After 15 years of regional field testing, our Nationwide Home Kit Division applied for and achieved BBB accreditation.
• BudgetHomeKits.com™ aspires to offer unmatched customer service and support in the planning and construction stages of your new home project.