— Can I change my floor plan or does it make my home unsafe to change the interior design?

Absolutely, you can change your floor plan. Our kits are designed to allow you to install your interior walls with the most customization possible, and thanks to our clear-span design, none of the interior walls are load-bearing.

We can offer an option for steel studs to use in framing your interior walls (as availability allows). Your home’s layout can follow our floor plan exactly, or you can redesign your layout as you like. All studs are pre-punched, allowing you to easily run and wiring through, regardless of your room arrangement.

If you’ve placed a hold on a kit, we offer you complimentary (no cost) floor plan revisions, up to two revisions.

Please be mindful that multiple revisions that add to design man-hours invested will not typically add to your overall purchase cost, but do affect the kit hold refund policy, so ask your project coordinator about this if you have specific questions.