— How does delivery work?

We’re constantly offering shipping specials, and we ship directly to your location. Our shipping policy is based on delivery to the six shipping zones shown below. Scheduling and availability is based upon your building location, but if you’re in the continental U.S., you are not too far for a Budget home kit!

Each Budget home kit is delivered by certified staff with expertise in steel home components, job site orientation, and on-site pro assistance services. Any Assistance Package services you’d like to include in your order must be purchased prior to delivery.

We bring your kit right to the site you designate in the ordering process. Usually the entire kit will be delivered in one shipment. Any unpaid amount is due upon arrival.

It is imperative for you to confirm that all of your components are accounted for and then our staff will present you with your Certificate of Ownership. Though you are responsible for unloading the steel components, our friendly staff will oversee the unloading and help familiarize you with your new kit and materials as part of our courtesy on-site orientation.