— Is a Budget Home Kit right for me?

You’ve heard people refer to a house that their father or grandfather “built with his own two hands.” Until very recent history, people have always had the knowledge and often the need to build their own homes. So many of our forefathers, with their adventurous spirits, enjoyed the sweat equity earned from investing their own time and efforts into constructing all or part of their own dwellings. But in the past few decades, the construction know-how which had been passed down through generations began to dissipate. Though the ability for one to build his own home sufficiently and affordably has diminished, the need has only increased.

The idea for an all-steel home that could be assembled by the common consumer came about because so many people were asking this question: “Why does it cost so much money to build a simple home?”

The main reason building a home usually costs so much is because there are several steps that potential builders just don’t know how to do, and they end up hiring a general contractor to portion out the labor to different subcontractors – all of which charge enough to make an individual profit. Different contractors for the foundation, for the home framing, for the roofing, for the siding, for putting in windows and doors, and the list goes on and on.

Some exterior home designs are just so complicated that they require expensive specialists. But what about a simple, traditional, single-story ranch-style home? This style of home has been built for centuries by everyday men and women, some with very little means and limited construction experience. What if you could forgo an expensive general contractor? What if you could build the entire exterior, and only subcontract out the interior building steps you choose? How much money could you save?

The answer is here. You CAN build your own all-steel home – stronger and straighter than wood, resistant to fire, termites, and rot. You can usually save up to 50% of the total home construction cost by acting as your own general contractor. You can become self-reliant when it comes to putting a roof over your head and your family.

The question now is this: When it comes to saving money, do you tend to be more assertive? Are you the kind of person that puts in the extra work to get the very best deal? Do you have the motivation to handle a project and see it through? Do you see the opportunity of generating sweat equity as a welcome challenge? Are you on a mission to save as much money as possible in pursuit of your new home?

If you repeatedly answered “Yes” to most of these questions and see yourself as a person who embraces challenges, we believe you’re in the right place.