— Galvanized steel or red steel?

We offer customers the choice of galvanized steel or red primed steel (often known as “red iron”) for the primary framing of their home kits.

Structurally, THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE in strength between galvanized steel or red steel. The difference is is the coating. Red steel is steel that has a sprayed-on paint primer, similar to the primer coat applied to a car before the finish coat. This gives the steel a rusty-brown color, hence the name “red iron.” Galvanized steel, on the other hand, is the same steel (size, girth, weight, strength, etc.) but it goes through a process which applies a zinc-alloy plating. This plating protects the galvanized components from the elements, the moisture in the air and natural environment (not to mention precipitation, dirt, etc.).

Having said that and when it’s available, we always include the galvanized variety for all ground-contact anchors. For all other framing components, the primed steel is provided and is a cost-saving option. If you wish, you can upgrade to 100% galvanized framing (may affect lead time, availability, etc.).